Chair Massage for Corporate Clients

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After spending 17 years in a creative, corporate environment in London I am familiar with the stresses, strains, aches and pains common amongst employees of a demanding, fast-paced, desk-based office environment.

I provide Chair Massage to corporate clients who wish to offer their employees a short well-being break from their workstation. 

Chair Massage offers your employees both a mental and physical boost, resulting in increased creativity, clarity and concentration through the conscious relaxation of the mind. 


● Reward and show you value and appreciate your staff and their wellbeing 

● Maintain positive staff morale and loyalty resulting in increased productivity

● Help to reduce commonly felt desk-related muscle tension amongst your workforce, e.g. shoulders/back/neck

● Help to reduce commonly experienced work-related stress amongst your workforce, e.g. headaches, shoulder tension

● Improve employee job satisfaction

● Support healthy work/life balance


● Employees have a short break from their workstation to receive an invigorating, reviving, rejuvenating massage targeting areas of tension specifically associated with office work, e.g. back/neck/shoulders

● The employer decides the length of the session and payment strategy, e.g. whether to cover the whole cost or subsidise the cost 

● Professional massage chair used to hold client’s body weight, immediately aiding muscle relaxation and allowing comfortable application of pressure

● All I require is a meeting room to set up the massage chair and play some relaxing music

● No oil used, no need to undress - convenient and appropriate for the workplace

To help improve the health, energy and performance of your staff contact me for a quote. I am an experienced massage therapist and fully insured so you can be secure that your staff are in safe hands.